Tony has over 30 years of experience working with companies, governments and foundations at the intersection of communications, media and popular culture. His credits range from, conceiving and producing the global media campaign that reached 600m and re-positioned Nelson Mandela from “black terrorist leader” to “black leader” to, consulting for the US White House on a public campaign in a response to 9/11.

His campaigns have repositioned brands, profiled important issues, and raised over $21m for causes (Amnesty International, Red Cross, the Anti-Apartheid Movement and children’s charities). He has worked with most of the world’s major broadcasters from the BBC to RTVE, from ABC and Fox to Globo, from SABC to NHK and his work has been supported by governments, major corporations and UN agencies.

Tony has taken the roles of consultant, entrepreneur, CEO/Director, Executive producer/Producer and run project companies in the UK, USA, Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia and South Africa through which he has financed and produced nine global cross-media projects. Some are considered historic (e.g. “Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute” and “The Wall - Live in Berlin”). All achieved their communication and marketing objectives, produced creatively-successful global broadcasts, CSR/sponsorship opportunities, merchandising and sell-through products, and assembled an incredible array of talent able to punch a hole in media schedules. Tony has worked with well over 200 of the world’s top creative artists from Stevie Wonder to Ravi Shankar, from Denzel Washington to Natalie Portman, from Samuel L Jackson to Keith Haring.